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Thanks Taranaki

March 25, 2009

Thanks to those members in Taranaki that asked Debbie to pass on your ideas for PD. She has done that and the committee will meet this afternoon to discuss and decide what we can offer.

Also, keep watching this blog for dates -the next one will be the AGM – where we hope to have a speaker.


Ideas for library displays update

March 23, 2009

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note to remind you to keep looking at Elaine’s blog for lots of ideas for library displays.  Here is the new link:

Have fun trying something new.


Back on line again!

March 20, 2009

Hello everyone in Central,

I must apologise for the long delay in adding anything to this blog but it’s amazing what happens when you have a bit more training!!

First up – do you want to go to the SLANZA conference in September at Rangi Ruru Girls’ School in Christchurch but don’t know where the money is going to come from?

Well, here is the good news – National Executive have granted 16 (yes, 16) conference registrations for the whole of NZ so you need to get your application in early.  Each region gets to offer two registrations.

The ‘early bird’ period finishes on 1 August so please get your application in quickly.

The application form is on the SLANZA website

Now other National Executive news:


Don’t forget that if you haven’t already paid your SLANZA sub for this year then please do so – I mean if you don’t you might miss out on the opportunity to go to conference.  See the above website for all the details.

Meeting with the Minister of Education:

Some of the members of NE are waiting to discuss school library issues with the minister, however, they have to wait for a new date later in the year.

National Executive Positions:

President -Elect – Nominations are being called for for this position due to Di Eastwood now being unable to to stand.  Experience at NE level is considered desirable.  NE have nominated Senga Watson, Southland region rep.  But other nominations will be considered.

Terms of office – 1 year as President-Elect, up to 2 years as President and 1 year as Past President = a total of 6 years (rather than 8 as it was earlier).

Evidence Based Practice Dossier:

If you have any documentation that you would like included please forward it to me either by email or to Palm. Nth. Girls’ High School for me to pass on to NE.

SLANZA Annual Plan –watch this space because NE will shortly be seeking your consultation.

School Library Staffing/Funding Dossier:

The 2008 LIANZA Remuneration Survey results show that school library staff remuneration is still well below that of other sectors in industry so please forward important issues/concerns to me to pass on.  In some cases the level of remuneration has been decreased.


The implications of Section 92a were discussed.

The issue of the use of cover images was discussed and approaches will be made to publishers in an endeavour to have standardised procedures for all school libraries.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is to be reviewed in the near future.

Syba Signs Guided Inquiry Seminars:

Dr Ross Todd will be holding these seminars at three centres this year:

Auckland – Monday 13 July 2009

Christchurch – Wednesday 15 July 2009

Wellington – Friday 17 July 2009

It would be really good if you could attend one of these seminars and if you could take along one of your teaching staff – that would make it even better.


(Yes, you know those flappy banners that stand outside cafes and hairdressers etc.)  Well, most regions will shortly have one to advertise it’s events (Central will).  If you have an event that you want to promote then ask your regional chair if you use the flanner.

Well folks that’s it for this posting.  Don’t forget to keep in contact with me.