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Welcome to the SLANZA Central New Zealand blog

September 16, 2007

My name is Pat Bellhouse. I am the Chairman of SLANZA Central and the Librarian at Palmerston North Girls’ High School.

I have decided to write a blog so there is a public archive and discussion of goings on in the SLANZA Central region. I hope to reach a wider forum than just SLANZA members and readers of the schoollib listserv.

The role of SLANZA (the School Library Association of New Zealand Aotearoa) is to strengthen and promote the role of the school library, to enable all school communities to become information literate.

The SLANZA Central region is the lower half of the North Island, from Wairoa to New Plymouth on down, not including Wellington and Kapiti.

Upcoming events
13 October 2007: Visit to Herb Farm
Don’t forget, we are leaving Palmerston North Information Centre at 9.30am. We’re travelling by bus to take part in a workshop (subject to be determined) and a garden visit. Remember that we you will be buying your own lunch at the lovely cafe.

Term 1, 2008: Visit the bookshops
We are looking to visit the bookshops in Wellington as a fun and interesting get-together (networking!).

Term 2, 2008: Get more out of your digital camera
We all use them for our jobs, so lets learn a bit more about them.

Term 3, 2008: Midwinter Christmas Dinner

Term 4, 2008: Author Forum
A chance to come and listen to our local authors.

That’s enough for now, I hope to update this blog regularly with news and interesting information for you all.